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  • Santorini Privé Round Cruise

    Santorini Privé Round Cruise

  • Santorini Sunset Cruise

    Santorini Sunset Cruise

  • Goodmorning Cruise

    Goodmorning Cruise

  • I Do! …Cruise

    I Do! …Cruise

  • Santorini Sunset Cruise

    Santorini Sunset Cruise

  • Santorini Day Cruise

    Santorini Day Cruise

  • Santorini Prive Photo Cruise

    Santorini Prive Photo Cruise

Τourist routes

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Following, are some excursions we organize for you !!!


Wine Museum Koutsogiannopoulos

The only cavernous Wine museum in Europe, made with love and passion. It lies eight meters below the earth in a labyrinth shape of 300mt illuminated by eerie light. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn the history of wine and the life of the Santorinian wineyard cultivator since 1660, by means of 28 scenes with marionnetes and decoration in natural size. All tools and equipment preserved from that era, are rare and original pieces. We offer electronic translator in your native tongue. At the end and in a specially designed place, you will enjoy free wine tasting of four different wine varieties, among them the internationally renowned VINSANTO and the excellent KAMARITIS.


Excavations of ancient Thera and museum

See the island’s history through the exceptional findings that give us images from the depths of centuries. Starting from the legend that says that Santorini has emerged from the depths of the sea, we have traces of life from the Early Bronze Age. Gradually, the signs multiply and prove the great development of the island.


Old Port.

Select a trip with the funicular down to the old port of the island and enjoy a marine walk up the volcano, or a trip to the famous Oia and excellent Perissa.



The volcano, formed after successive eruptions, is a great attraction. It is a UNESCO cultural heritage with an active crater until today, of moderate volcanic activity.

History of many hundreds of thousands of years of our planet is recorded in Caldera. For this reason, the scientific interest and research are deeply functional and active until today. In Santorini took place one of the most important geological events known to mankind over the last ten thousand years.


The Caldera front, embracing all three islands is a superb example of nature’s painting ability. White, black and red streaks of panoramic dimensions are wrapped and entangled in myriad combinations of unexpected plans and wild colors that enchant the mind.

Beneath the black rocks washed by the sea, lies the volcano. Like an extinguised furnace awaits for the spark that every now and then gives to it new life and strength.


Wine Roads.

Santorini has excellent internationally renowned vineyards. It is no coincidence that on the island there are more than 70 wineries. It is worth to watch  from the harvesting process (ventema) to the production of wine and the fermentation in special barrels. In the summer months you have the opportunity to participate in harvesting and other operations taking place.


Fira Museum

It is one of the most important museums of Greece. Through selected findings, it outlines the history of Thera from the prehistoric period and it is an “extension” of the archaeological site of Akrotiri. All exhibits are in excellent condition.


Walking tour at Megalochori village.

It is the oldest village of the island , located in SW of Pirgos , with long history- mentioned in written sources from the mid 17th century. The street plan of the village is excellent and the buildings follow the traditional Santorinian architecture. The village is surrounded by vineyards because of the fertile soil of the area.

Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades
Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades
Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades
Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades
Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades
Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades

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