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Santorini is one of the most magical places in the world. The first inhabitants were Proellines who came here in 3000 BC and named the island Stroggyli (Round), because of its circular shape. The Phoenicians have named it Kallisti (Beautifull) when first faced the beauty of the landscape. The name Thira derives from the Lacedemonian king called Thiras, when in 1115 BC he colonized the island. Much later, in 12 AD century, the Frank conquerors named the island Santa Irene, after the name of St. Irene, a small church in Thirassia. So, we came up with the name of Santorini.
The great volcanic explosion of 1450 BC sank the central part of the island, causing the sea to penetrate and form a Caldera which means basin. The size of the explosion was devastating. It is said that the Aegean darkened, the waves were 250 mt high and travelled to Crete with speed of 300 km wiping out the Minoan civilization. Some theories connect this catastrophe with the sinking of Atlantis, however with no proof until today.
The explosion ended abruptly the great development of the island. An excellent and superior civilization with clearly Minoan influence disappeared. The Minoan influence is clearly shown on the frescoes and numerus findings discovered in the area of Akrotiri.
Under the name Thera, the island had declared subjection to the Persians and later allied with the Spartans, while in 426 BC it passed over to the Athenians. Later, it was conquered by the Ptolemies, the Romans, Byzantium and the Franks. In 1579 it was occupied by the Turks and in 1832 was incorporated into the Greek state.
Today Santorini has a population of about 10,000 residents. Fira is the capital of the island, Oia is one of the most beautiful villages, known worldwide for its impressive and magnificent sunsets. The black beaches of Santorini with steep cliffs and volcanic rocks give the island a special character.
In Caldera at a depth of 400 meters lies a huge crater of ten kilometers. The architecture of the island is superbly attached to the needs of residents and the beauty of a Cycladic island. The cave houses with bright colors, carved into the rocks, the domed churches as well as the few mansions that were saved by the 1956 earthquake cause great impression to the visitor.
Santorini is a very romantic destination, therefore couples enjoy their honeymoon here …

With this brief historical overview we wish you to have a great time in our unique island !!!

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