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At the highest point of the hill of Imerovigli Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades

Simplicity and Luxury Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades

High Quality Hospitality Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades

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Simplicity and Luxury

ABYSSANTOSUITES & SPA: Simplicity and Luxury

In a space of incomparable beauty and aesthetics, the traditional lines combine perfectly with the luxury and elegance of an authentic Cycladic accommodation that will give you unique pleasure and relaxation.

At the highest point of the hill of Imerovigli, slightly away from the Venetian Skaros and the old Kastelli, the ABYSSANTOSUITES & SPA offers a range of suites that exceed all expectations of relaxation and luxury.

The view that the visitor will enjoy is  literally breathtaking. You can see all colors emerging from the landscape while the volcano will complement the magical puzzle of memories with its imposing presence.

high quality hospitality

The AbyssantoSuites & Spa is identified with the unique view and the excellence of professional care, as it offers high quality hospitality and wellness services.

Famous both for the handmade breakfast served and for its spa facilities, which will literally travel your senses, it will make your staying there the first step towards total relaxation and wellness.


Each hotel room and space offers something special:

The roof of the unique balcony looking at the Aegean sea, can accommodate wedding and christening events, and even renewal of your wedding vows.

The Pool Bar can accommodate your party or celebration of your anniversary or your birthday.

But also each separate balcony can become the place for you to enjoy a romantic dinner or a methexis of tastes! Think about it!

Abyssanto Suites and Spa_Imerovigli _Santorini_Cyclades

Especially for newly married

Especially for newly married, we have created a special completely private suite that matches perfectly with the sweetness of the occasion: Beautiful lines, living room with its own dining table, doubleheight built king sized bed, soft colors, a private secluded balcony, private Jacuzzi and a bathroom made of pebbles. All those and much more, will set forever in your memory and heart the memories of the days of your honeymoon!

Tightly hugged the cliff, the hotel has excellent facilities for holidays as well as for other activities, such as photographing your carefree moments (ask us for the service of professional photography. Our proposals and ideas will amaze you!)
Ask us also for the facility we provide to find for you the best solutions for catering services, car rental, motorcycle, cruising along the Caldera and flying … with helicopter !!!
Our staff is always willing to advise you and help you to avoid losing time and save money.

Abyssanto Suites and Spa

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    *special rates for repeat guest